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Alternative Out-of-Home
Beyond traditional outdoor billboards, street furniture, and transit advertising, a whole new assortment of out-of-home advertising formats has emerged in the past 20 years. Alternative OOH is frequently utilized to enhance a media plan by offering micro-targeted coverage everywhere and anywhere, from a banner in the sky, to the lift at the ski resort, to the chair in the beauty salon, to building mapping. The opportunities are vast and continue to emerge. 

Building Mapping

Wild posting

Sidewalk chalk stencils

Graffiti murals

Mobile Displays

College campus

Projection Media

Mobile Projection

Gas station media

Beach media

Convention Diplays

Walking Billboards

Ski resort displays

Brand ambassadors

Wrapped vehicles  

Casino advertising

Drugstore advertising

Hotel advertising

Postcard displays

Dry-cleaner bag advertising

Aerial advertising

Pizza box advertising

Truckside displays

ATM Advertising