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Simon & Schuster Inc.

“Out-of-home advertising, like commuter rail and billboards, gives Simon & Schuster—a company with limited advertising dollars—the opportunity to reach large, targeted audiences for an extended
period of time, stretching our dollars further and wider than we could with other advertising vehicles. Commuter rail, specifically, gives us the chance to target the pre-existing behavior of an educated, upscale demographic with market-by-market customization.”

—Sue Fleming, Vice President, Executive Director of Content and Programming, Simon & Schuster Inc.

"We recently ran our broadcast ads for bestselling author Kathy Reichs on location based high definition LCD screens in upscale cafes and coffee shops.  We could not be more pleased with the results. What appealed to us was the ability to reach a book-buying audience in a new and innovative way while complementing our other marketing efforts."


—Mark Speer, V.P. Director of Advertising and Promotion, Simon and Schuster, Adult Publishing Group

"With Subway advertising, Simon & Schuster is able to reach a large audience of consumers who spend ample amount of time commuting to and from work. These consumers have time to read, so hitting them where they spend time every day helps drive our message home. Advertising in the heart of NYC, we are also able to reach "influences" who can then help spread the word about new book releases." 

Natalie White, Advertising Director, Simon & Schuster, Inc.