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The Power of Outdoor
Outdoor, or Out-of-Home, advertising may be one of the oldest advertising mediums, but it continues to evolve faster than any other traditional media, and revenue has climbed from 4.4 billion in 1998 to 7.3 billion in 2017.  Top advertisers are including out-of-home as an integral part of their media mix. Here are some reasons why.


Creative Impact and Efficiency:
  •    Larger-than-life visual Impact
  •    High levels of recall for Digital Displays and OOH overall
  •    Delivers high reach and frequency, low CPMs  
  •    Reinforces and enhances other media schedules, improving efficiencies  
  •    Efficient, fast, print-like production technologies
  •    Is in the right place, at the right time...
  •    Can't be "tuned out," "TiVoed through" or  "thrown out"

"For MSG, subway brand-trains and commuter-rail platform posters in Grand Central were a creative way to reach males 25-plus. The media delivered sky high impressions at rock bottom CPMs."  

Steve Mars, Vice President Marketing, MSG Media
  •    Delivers mass and micro-targeted,  multicultural reach
  •    Allows for innovative, place-based buys
  •    Builds awareness and sales among consumer and or trade audiences
“Out-of-home helps keeps Forbes top of mind, both with consumers and advertising decision makers.”

 —Bruce Rogers, Chief Brand Officer, Forbes

Increasingly Mobile Society:  Commutes are getting longer, population density is expanding, the urban environment is expanding, road congestion is increasing.   Since 1980:

  •    Road travel has increased 105 percent in big metro regions, while....
  •    Road capacity on freeways and major streets has only grown by only 45 percent
  •    Time spent in traffic has increased 232 percent
  •    Travel by public transportation has increased by 30 percent in major urban areas
  •    More women in the workplace;  more difficult to reach via traditional media
  •    Consumers are “on the go” with the ability to remain “connected” via PDAs
“With subway advertising, Simon & Schuster is able to reach a large audience of consumers who spend ample amount of time commuting to and from work. These consumers have time to read, so hitting them where they spend time every day helps drive our message home. Advertising in the heart of NYC, we are also able to reach 'influencers' who can then help spread the word about new book releases.”

—Natalie White, Advertising Director, Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Testimony:   Case Studies are available in a wide range of categories including retail, telecommunications, apparel, business and technology, consumer goods and services, food and beverage products and more. For detailed case studies on any category, please visit the OAAA web site 
OAAA Case Studies  or contact Everything Outdoor Media.

Better Audience Measurement:   Eyes on Impressions 
are the new outdoor metric which provide advertisers more relevant and accountable audience measurements since they are estimates of people who actually “notice”  the unit and its advertising based on visibility factors and demographic composition.  EOIs provide consistent measuring for traditional out-of-media formats.   

"This is the biggest advance in media accountability since the Nielson introduced the people meter 20 years ago."
Erwin Ephron

Proliferation and Fragmentation of Traditional Media:

The advent of the Internet and the explosion of media options and social networking sites over the past 20 years has segmented consumers and has more clearly defined select demographic audiences making it more and more challenging for advertisers to reach their target audience.   Out-of-home cuts through the clutter and has the power to intercept segmented consumer  groups throughout the course of their day; quickly, concisely, frequently and cost efficiently.

“Out-of-home advertising, like commuter rail and billboards, gives Simon & Schuster—a company with limited advertising dollars—the opportunity to reach large, targeted audiences for an extended period of time, stretching our dollars further and wider than we could with other advertising vehicles. Commuter rail, specifically, gives us the chance to target the pre-existing behavior of an educated, upscale demographic with market-by-market customization.”

—Sue Fleming, Vice President, Executive Director of Content and Programming, Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Faster, Better, Greener Production Technologies:

  • Print like quality graphic images
  • Two-to seven-day turnaround time relative to 30-day turn around time in 1990's
  • Recyclable materials are now standard for many out-of-home media formats
  • Lighting conversions to include solar and wind generated billboard lighting
  • Digital outdoor formats reduce production costs and use of any materials

New OOH Media Formats & Dynamic Solutions Create a Reinvention of the Old: