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Interactive Features
With 214 million wireless users in the U.S., various out-of-home displays can now be used as delivery points that send mobile content (coupons, music, video) directly to the cell phones of passersby.  Select OOH media formats are offering digital,  streaming video, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and SMS interactive capabilities independently and even all rolled into one.

  • Engage and invite passersby to download content, listen to audio on mobile devices and participate in games that allow passersby to dial in a number, receive text messages and play a game or design a shoe or a dress right on the sign using cell phone buttons
  • Create and continue a lasting dialogue, and direct them to your website—or even right into your store or establishment
  • Attain precise measurements of responses by location
  • See live results posted while the billboard communicates simultaneously with the mobile and web based media
  • Consumers may retrieve a prize or their own customized design of your product at your website
  • Brand Ambassadors may be used to engage consumers to participate - a personal relationship is developed via this live interaction and a lasting impression of your brand is formed 

This spectacular Times Square digital unit not only displays full-motion video in  high definition, but is equipped with advanced interactive features that invite passersby to download content, listen to audio (including on mobile devices), text messages or play games.

Jumbli, an interactive texting word game created by the billboard company, attracted the attention of AT&T. Passersby were able to participate in this game via the buttons on their pda's.  Not only did AT&T sponsor the game on the HD sign, it created an entire campaign around the concept by extending the game to a page on Facebook (where it drew 300,000 unique users)  and to digital screens in bars and restaurants.   Winning AT&T Jumbli participants received Pantech Slate phones.  (This is an example of an advertiser utilizing interactive features. For EOM campaigns, please see the (EOM Campaigns page.)