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EOM Testimonials

Simon & Schuster Inc.
"Simon & Schuster depends on Everything Outdoor for all of our outdoor advertising needs. They work to secure the most competitive prices while keeping us informed of any new advertising venues that become available.  EOM is a trusted partner in our advertising ventures, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future."

—Mark Speer, Vice President, Dir. of Advertising and Promotion, Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

Madison Square Garden Network  
"No one will work harder or smarter than Everything Outdoor Media to find more strategic and cost-effective solutions for your out-of-home advertising needs.”

—Steve Mars, Vice President, Marketing, MSG Media

BNP Paribas Bank
"I have worked with Natalie Godown at Everything Outdoor Media for the past 7 years. She is extremely reliable and responsive. She has a very strong background in the Outdoor /OOH advertising industry and devises great media planning based on her client briefing. She provides a customized service by cherry-picking the best locations at the most competitive costs. She personally makes sure the execution of the advertising campaign is flawless and checks the various spots. Natalie is a fantastic professional and I strongly recommend her."

—Michele Sicard, Managing Director, Head of Corporate Communications Americas, BNP Paribas  

Forbes.com & Real Clear Politics

"Natalie is a consummate media professional whom I trust to provide me with the best placed-based ad opportunities that meet both my cost and reach objectives."

—Bruce Rogers, Chief Brand Officer, Forbes

HBO Pay Per View

"EOM finds creative and cost effective solutions to today's consumer engagement challenges.  Everything Outdoor Media is on the cutting edge of outdoor technolologies and deliverables and can package products to target any base within any budget. I highly recommend EOM if you are ready to think outside of the proverbial box."

—Michelle Rosen, Director National Media and Strategy, HBO Pay-Per-View, a Division of HBO Sports

Stargames, Inc.
"When looking for ways to expand the reach and impact of the BNP Paribas Showdown, outdoor advertising seemed like it could be an important addition to our marketing mix. Through Everything Outdoor, we have been able to achieve our immediate goals and beyond. The exposure BNP Paribas has been able to generate through buses, billboards, taxis and trains has been outstanding and working with Everything Outdoor has made implementation seamless."

Jerry Solomon - President, StarGames  - Executive Producer, BNP Paribas Showdown 

CUTWATER, SF:  Creative Ad Agency for BNP Paribas  
"EOM has been a wonderful partner.  Natalie's responsiveness and attention to detail has been a huge value in helping us pull this together. Not to mention her stellar negotiation skills, which have helped us create a much bigger program for a significantly lower price tag.  We are all very excited."






—Jared Grant, New Media Strategy Director  

Steve Madden, LLC 
"The folks at  Steve Madden trusted Everything Outdoor Media to secure outdoor advertising strategically
 while maximizing coverage.  As a trusted partner, we knew that the campaign was managed closely and felt comfortable putting our brands in EOMs' hands."

—Gina Campbell Thornton, Steve Madden LLC

Titan Worldwide   

"Natalie is a true professional. We worked together as colleaques at CBS  Outdoor, and now she is my client. It is clear to me why she was always one of the top sales people at CBS Outdoor.  Everything Outdoor Media can more than handle the most complicated multiple market programs; truly dedicated to clients and always going above and beyond in service and detail. For every client, EOM makes sure to have a clear understanding of their goals and relays those objectives to  vendors. Natalie is honest and will always take the time to explain her media choices, even when Titan’s media didn’t make the plan. I always enjoy working with EOM and I strongly recommend Everything Outdoor Media for a client who is looking for an outdoor media expert."

—Amy Mirer, National Account Manager, Titan Worldwide