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Everything Outdoor Media, LLC
EOM Services
EOM is there every step of the way during the planning,  purchasing and implementation of your media plan.  A systematic and creative approach is taken from start to finish, making everything easy and efficient for you.

Industry Tutorials, News, and Updates:

  • A tutorial that will bring you up to speed on all available out-of-home advertising options, as well as  the marketing, research, creative and production services available
  • Regular updates on industry news, innovations, and opportunistic/remnant deals
Marketing and Research Services:

  • Industry spending reports by category
  • Mapping of consumer target demographics, psychographics,  trading areas and appropriate media
  • Commuter profile analysis of target audiences
Media Selection and Placement:

  • Identification of media as it relates to creative, consumer targets, commuter patterns and environment
  • Gathering, evaluation, and coordination of proposals
  • Negotiation of media space
  • Drive-through or walk-through of the space under consideration or contracted
  • Contracting media space with vendors

Creative and Production Services:

  • Creative consultation
  • Spec artwork representing your creative on the media format considered/purchased
  • Creative testing by placing your creative in a virtual outdoor environment 
  • Production services, including negotiating, purchasing, and trafficking materials

Post-Buy Services:

  • Oversee execution of program
  • Trafficking of materials    
  • Drive-through or walk through of posted media
  • Orderly compilation of proof-of-performance affidavits, completion reports and photos
  • Invoicing

* Many of the creative, mapping, marketing and creative resources are provided at the vendor level and may vary according to the media type considered.