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Everything Outdoor Media, LLC
Proven Track Record:   Since its launch, EOM has partnered with diverse advertisers to package and purchase integrated and innovative out-of-home media programs both locally and nationally. With a passion for the business and a 27 year proven track record that includes experience in both buying and selling multiple OOH media formats nationwide while working for the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies, founder Natalie Godown brings a well-rounded knowledge and expertise in media, marketing, research, sales, creative development, production, and operations. This “inside and out” expertise makes EOM very effective in helping clients navigate this highly competitive, multifaceted industry.

"It is a pleasure working with someone who knows the business so well and is 100 percent reliable."

Adam Thier, VP Marketing, Madison Square Garden

Favorable Pricing:  EOM will reach more people more effectively with your existing budget.  With a clear understanding of your objectives and in knowing the current value of the products being purchased, EOM can negotiate hard, smart and fair.

“Simon & Schuster depends on Everything Outdoor for all of our outdoor advertising needs. They work to secure the most competitive prices while keeping us informed of any new advertising venues that become available. EOM is a trusted partner in our advertising ventures, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future”.

—Mark Speer, VP, Director of Advertising and Promotion, Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

Caring Customer Service:
EOM is caring for your business and takes pride in the fact customers know that their dollars are being spent wisely and that the execution of their campaigns will run smoothly.  Available 24/7,  EOM responds quickly, mindfully and with close attention to detail.  

"The folks at Steve Madden trust EOM to secure outdoor advertising strategically while maximizing coverage. As a trusted partner, we knew that the outdoor campaign was managed closely by Everything Outdoor Media and felt comfortable putting our brands in EOM's hands."
Gina Campbell, Advertising Steve Madden, LLC

Understanding Client Objectives:
  Which format is the most effective?  Buses or billboards?   Bus shelters or phone kiosks?  Static or digital?  There is no right or wrong or best outdoor format out there…..   The “right” format  for a successful campaign is in knowing the purpose each media format serves and in understanding a client’s specific goals and challenges, and creating a customized approach to meet those goals.

“EOM finds creative and cost effective solutions to today's consumer engagement challenges. Everything Outdoor Media is on the cutting edge of outdoor technologies and deliverables and can package products to target any base within any budget. I highly recommend EOM if you are ready to think outside of the proverbial box.”

—Michelle Rosen, Director of National Media and Strategy, HBO Pay-Per-View, a Division of HBO Sports

Thorough Exploration and Presentation of Media: 
EOM strategically evaluates, filters and organizes all relevant outdoor media options in each market as they correspond to your budget, your geographic, demographic and psychographic profiles, your creative design and the commuter patterns relative to the audience and market. EOM relies on experience and the most current and informative research resources to mix and match the “right” media formats into one cohesive media plan.

"No one will work harder or smarter than Everything Outdoor Media to find more strategic and cost-effective solutions for your out-of-home advertising needs."

Steve Mars, Vice President, Marketing, MSG  Media

Professional,  Open-Minded Approach: 
EOM works with a systemic approach and with an open-minded consideration of every relevant media option explored,
continuously seeking out new media types as well as inventive ways of bringing new approaches to traditional formats.

"Natalie is a consummate media professional whom I trust to provide me with the best placed-based ad opportunities that meet both my cost and reach objectives".

—Bruce Rogers, Chief Brand Officer, Forbes

Solid Vendor Partnerships:   EOM values on-going vendor relationships.

Natalie is a true professional. We worked together as colleagues at CBS Outdoor and now Natalie is my client. It is clear why she was always one of the top sales people at CBS Outdoor.
Natalie can more than handle the most complicated multiple market programs. She is truly dedicated to her clients and goes above and beyond in service and detail.  For every client, she has a clear understanding of their goals and relays those objective to her vendors. She is honest and will always take the time to explain her media choices, even when my media didn't make the plan.  I always enjoy working with Natalie and strongly recommend Everything Outdoor Media to a client that is looking for an outdoor expert."

Amy Mirer, National Account Manager, Titan Worldwide