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Billboard Advertising

Traditional billboards are national in scope, mostly standard in size and adhere to a consistent audience delivery measurement system, EOI's  (Eyes on Impressions.)   They, like television and radio ads, may be purchased as established GRP showings for mass general market coverage on a national level.  Targeted, local programs may also be tailored to select geographic, demographic and psychographic profiles.  Billboards offer dramatic creative impact, build image and awareness, around the clock exposure, quick reach and multiple exposures for low cmp's relative to other media formats. Traditional billboards fall in to three categories which vary in size and scope;  bulletins, 8-sheet posters and 30-sheet posters.


"You can't Tivo your way out of billboard and the only way to miss a well placed billboard is by driving with your eyes closed."  

Quote by Linda Resnick, author of "Rubies in the Orchard" and founder of Pom Wonderful